Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Be Shy

What did you do yesterday? Did you post the link somewhere? Did you check out the Kids of Childhood Cancer website? Did you donate? Don't be shy. Let us know. You can post in the comments and I'll repost in the text. This is the only way we are going to motivate everyone to keep going. Also, PLEASE ... if you are volunteering or doing anything photograph-able, please send photos and I'll spruce up the space a bit.

39 days is a long time. But animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell once said at a conference it takes 25 days of repetition to change a behavior. (I hope I'm not totally misquoting or mis-remembering here!) Can you imagine doing something to help others 25 days in a row? And then it just becomes so ingrained that you can't stop? Well, maybe it isn't that easy, but give it a shot!

So, today's featured organization? Families who are facing cancer sometimes have a hard time paying the bills. But the electric company doesn't really care that your kid has cancer. Well, maybe they care, but what can they do? There is a small, but amazing organization in North Carolina called Godstock. They actually pick up a bill for you if your child has a chronic or terminal illness. It might be an electric bill or a car bill. They might make a portion of your rent payment. They don't pay medical bills and they aren't dolling out large amounts of cash for frivolity. They keep families from going under or having their phone or electricity cut off while their child is sick. This practical way of giving also helps alleviate the financial stress so the parents can focus on what matters, their child.

And the free tip? Start planning a yard sale. Yup. I said free, not easy. But, face it, Spring is around the corner and your house needs to be cleaned out. The yard sale should be soon (no excuses about weather ... this is for kids with cancer for crying out loud! They don't get to use weather as an excuse to get out of chemo!) Pick an organization to donate the proceeds. Make signs and be clear on your signage who the money is going to. Ideally, have some brochures out. Then set up a box in case some people just want to give you cash. You'll be surprised how generous people can be. You can even give out cards with this website.

And don't forget, post this website everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, in your email signature. If you haven't already, I'll let this slide as one day of good deeds - the more people who participate, the better, right?

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