Sunday, February 28, 2010

Helping those who need it most

If you saw Lindsay's Caring Bridge post today you know what I'm about to request.

When I learned about little Courtney, it just got to me. Thinking about losing your 15 month old child. Thinking about going through this and not receiving help from others.

Cancer robs any financial security that you may have enjoyed. Savings, gone. Even with the best insurance, it's an expensive disease. The financial side can rip a family apart, regardless of the health aspects. And as parents stress over making ends meet, they are not able to focus on what really matters - their children.

Please consider helping a family in need. Whatever you can do:

The following is from another mom, and I have edited a bit:

The little girl is named is Courtney McClaflin. She was diagnosed in September 2009 at the age of 15 months. Her family has been told that she will not be with them much longer. She has two parents and two older sisters.

Alex and Stephanie are in love with this little girl, and we are asking all our supporters to pitch in and help. Their family has not enjoyed some of the support that our families have.

I know the McClaflin family is in a world of hurt with the most recent news.

I believe they would appreciate a helping hand, as all of this is sudden and they are not prepared to deal with this turn and the huge expenses that come with it. I would like to try and help out. In church we call this a "love offering," and I believe there is not a family in SC in more need.

Julie Caison (also from Anderson, Bryce's sweet Mommy) has agreed to help look after donations for the family. If you would like to send a check to help with expenses.

Julie can be reached at:

Julie Caison
2902 Beechwood Pkwy
Anderson SC 29621

Please feel free to share or cross-post this information. We need all the help we can get.

With many prayers for peace and mercy for Little Courtney and her family as they go down this road.
(From Ginger ... If you do not feel comfortable sending a check to someone you do not know, you could send a gas card, cash card, etc to the hospital to Attn: Family of Courtney McClaflin. People did this when we were in the hospital and we always got the package or card. If we had gone home, they were forwarded. That will give you a little security if you are uncertain. Please think about helping out.

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