Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gift Bags!

Last Friday, Lindsay, Michael and I took brownies to the Ronald McDonald house. This got me thinking. Did anyone ever bring food to us in the hospital? I know a lot of parents who are outpatient have meals brought to them at home because of all of the running back and forth they are doing. But it doesn't seem all that practical to take food to someone in the hospital. Then I remembered, quite a few people sent care packages. One that I had completely forgotten consisted of various Wisconsin cheeses, crackers and jellies - delish! Another one was filled with dark chocolate candy bars, nuts, and dried fruits. Another one, my favorite of all, had Trader Joe's peach salsa and corn chips and Jo Jo's - trader Joe's answer to oreos. Holy yum! So evidently people did give us food (as well as Whole Foods Gift Cards that truly sustained us) and it wasn't all that impractical.

So today's challenge is to go to the grocery store, by a variety of treats (include sweet, savory, healthy and indulgent!) and make care packages. You may want to call the hem onc floor at your closest Children's hospital and make sure they will allow this. If they won't, the Ronald McDonald house will. One consideration is that weekends are the worst time to be in the hospital. At Brenner's, the playroom closes, and if your child is severely neutropenic, you may not allow visitors. SO, you might want to shop on Friday and then take the bags on Saturday or Sunday. You could even throw an impromptu gift bag stuffing party (with wine of course!) on Friday night and get some friends involved! As "admission" have each friend bring two items for the gift bags. If you do the party idea, you could ask a couple of friends to bring non-food items for the kids (stamps, stickers, gel clings for the windows, notebooks, disposable cameras, a journal are all small things Lindsay really enjoyed when she was inpatient)

If this is too much work, you could just shave your head!

Anyone want to brag?

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