Friday, February 19, 2010


I have a few brags to report and it makes me oh-so-happy!

First, Michelle rocks for helping out Godstock and for posting my little blog on her facebook. Don't forget to help get the word out!

Second, Lindsay rocks. This morning we were all being lazy in bed and she said, "Mommy, why didn't you get an ash cross on your forehead?" Now, I haven't mentioned anything to her about this project and Lent just hasn't come up. But she does go to an Episcopal preschool, so these things come up from time to time. Apparently her best friend's mom had Lent ashes on her head and Lindsay found this incredibly intriguing. So I told her about the 39 days project. She immediately says, "I can help you!"

This is what I LOVE about Lindsay right now. She's all about helping people, giving gifts, making cards. Now this may sound like typical kid stuff. But for the last 4 years I've been a little concerned that Lindsay was born with a mutation in her giving-and-sharing gene. Lets call it the GAS gene. Well, as it turns out, the GAS gene isn't expressed until you turn 4.5. This was predicted by my mother (early child development expert and possible burgeoning geneticist) and the prediction has been fulfilled. Lindsay has suddenly turned into Little Miss Do for Others.

So, this morning we made two batches of gooey, fudgy brownies and drove them to the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem. I was SO hoping to get a photo to include, but I left the camera at home! It was incredibly rewarding to take these into that kitchen where we scrounged so many meals. Brownies may seem like a small thing, but I remember eating brownies late one night after a long and scary day at the hospital. And hopefully, tonight, some mother or father has brownie crumbs on their shirt and a smile on their face.

Tomorrow's free idea is going to be SUPER easy, so be sure to "tune in". And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - BRAG on yourselves!!! It might be embarrassing but it is sure to motivate others. If you can't figure out the comments, facebook me or post in the guestbook of our caring bridge page. The weekend is here ... let's make it a time of giving!

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