Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bald is Beautiful

Last year Matt raised over $6000 for pediatric cancer research. Why does this matter? Fortunately, most kids don't get cancer. Unfortunately, so few kids get cancers like AML and neuroblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma that the big drug companies are all that interested in funding research. Cure kids cancer, great! But the payoff isn't that big. Ever wonder why the most common type of kids' cancer (ALL) has the best success rate (94% survival)? Umm... research! Funding!! Hello!! So pediatric cancer research is critical.

So Matt is going bald again. Not until September. And what I'm really asking you to do? Donate if you'd like. But better yet, join our team. That is my real wish. To have a HUGE team of baldies-to-be raising money. And with every donation you solicit, you raise money. The event isn't until Sept 11 so you have PLENTY of time to fundraise. But sign up now, before you lose your nerve!!!! And if you're thinking, "I'm a girl" ... well, let me first say that girls shave. And let me say second that you probably have a man in your life who would be willing to go bald. Think about it!

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