Thursday, March 4, 2010

"I hated having cancer, but kind of liked being in the hospital."

So tonight after a long day of yard work and grocery shopping and hunting around Lowe's for an outdoor spigot nob that was nowhere to be found, Lindsay starts talking cancer. Actually, we've been talking cancer a lot lately. She's had a bad tooth, and there has been much discussion, both at home and at the dentist, over whether chemo has anything to do with this. So leukemia and chemo are on everyone's mind. And her tooth was hurting. So she says, "I think chemo and leukemia made my tooth hurt." We start talking about whether this is the case and why it is important to not blame cancer for everything bad in that happens. THEN she says, "I hated having cancer. But I kind of liked being in the hospital ... Because they had toys." Then, after a second-long pause, "But I don't think other kids enjoy it so much." I have this same mental block sometimes. I see other cancer moms going through exactly what we did and I think, "HOW ARE THEY HANDLING THIS SO WELL?" Oh, right.

Anyway, after her pontification about the pros and cons of cancer, I asked if she was worried about the other kids not having fun. She said, "Yes! We have to start doing more things to raise money!" Now, keep in mind, we really don't talk about cancer and the hospital and fundraising all that often in front of Lindsay. But these things stick out in her mind. She is ready ready ready to have another lemonade stand. She can't wait. So I'm going to encourage you to do the same. I recommend store bought lemonade (save the receipts, since it's for charity it is tax deductible). Matt has a lovely trick of cutting up lemon slices and putting them in a glass pitcher with ice and lemonade to imply that the lemonade is homemade. And if the weather won't allow a lemonade stand? Bake sale. Hot chocolate stand. Yard sale. If you don't live on a busy street, consider asking your favorite kid-friendly store (toy store, consignment shop) if you can set up shop in front.

And where should the money go? Well, since we're worried about kids being bored or depressed at the hospital, I'm going to suggest we raise money for Wii's for the hospital. I know I've featured this link twice now, but come on. If your child were in the hospital for 6 months or a year or longer, even if you were the most anti-video game parent on the planet (such as myself) you would really really want this for them!

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  1. Exactly my reasoning when I was your age, Lindsay!
    I'm currently waiting for some long-awaited Chemo Ducks to arrive for CHOC, our local ward. Should do the trick?

    Keep up the work and good spirit,