Thursday, March 25, 2010


This has been a good week for miracles. And a bad week for Cancer.

- One tumor shrank. Last time it stayed stable. The chemo regimen didn't change. Once they're stable, they aren't supposed to shrink again.
- One tumor that everyone thought was growing was actually stable.
- One kid with relapsed leukemia is in the middle of an experimental therapy that so far ... well, I'm superstitious, so I'm not going to say anything to jinx it.

And I've got nothing. Nothing creative or clever for you. I'm fresh out of good ideas. Parents of kids with cancer need everything you can do for them. Kids with cancer don't need so much. They're tough as nails. Mostly they just need chemo, nausea meds, blood products, and a really good mask. Oh, and their parents. They need their parents to be there. And to be rested, and sane, and more or less good at faking positivity even when they don't feel it. SO, if you can think of something really awesome to do for parents of kids with cancer, please please please share it. Even though they'd never ask, they need the support!

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