Sunday, March 14, 2010

Switching Gears

Just a warning. This post is going completely off topic. I can't help myself. I was reading Lily's Caring Bridge page tonight and her mom posted a link to a video that explains the experimental chemotherapy that she is receiving. Lily has refractory neuroblastoma. I feel a strong connection to parents of children with NB because that is what they originally thought Lindsay had. Many a night I've thought, "what if".

Lily has been receiving a medication called Nifurtimox. Because this drug was originally used in Chagas disease, I was very intrigued when I read about its use in NB. So I had done a little reading in the past and find its story fascinating. When I clicked on the link on the Caring Bridge page, I didn't realize it was for essentially a scientific presentation. The conference where the scientist is speaking is, I believe, for families of neuroblastoma, but the link is equivalent to what mine be seen at any scientific conference (with a little biochem and molecular biology omitted). It's fascinating and inspiring.

So what is a drug primarily used to treat Chagas disease (a parasite) doing in neuroblatoma patients? Well, you'll have to watch the video. Utterly amazing. And why am I posting it here? Because I know some of you happen to be working in basic science, and some of you happen to work in medicine. And I think it's so important to remember that when these two fields merge, amazing things can happen. AND, because most of you probably think very little about science or medicine during your daily routine, it's nice to remind you of the value of research and why St. Baldrick's (and other organizations that fund research) are so crucial to saving our children's lives.

And, speaking of St. Baldrick's, it's time for a brag! I am so excited to see that, Glenn, one of my followers, is going to be shaving with Matt at the Sept 11 event in Winston-Salem. How exciting?! We are up to 3 on the team, and I'm hoping my dad will be joining shortly. It isn't too late to join Team Lindsay or to donate!

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