Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Today I am asking for the most meaningful thing to a parent of a child with cancer. Your prayers. Kate is a little older than Lindsay and was diagnosed with ALL (the "good" leukemia), just a few weeks before Lindsay. Well, it just goes to show there is NO good leukemia. Kate is at a point where original treatment failed (she relapsed during treatment). The second line treatment (far more aggressive than the first - more like treatment for AML) has now been deemed a failure. Cancer is multiplying despite serious chemo. They can't knock out the cancer and therefore bone marrow transplant (her only hope) is not an option. Kate's parents have been given the option of hospice or experimental medications. You can read between the lines and hear the despair. They have asked for prayers. They are not giving up on their little girl but it is going to truly take a miracle. Kate's cancer had a relatively good prognosis. This course of events is unexpected even within the world of cancer. Please pray with all of your might. Whatever your method - meditation, positive energy, fasting, whatever your method. Please.

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